Why visit the show?


For the producers and suppliers of machine and equipment for the packaging industry:

  • Present their product to the regional packaging producers
  • Evaluate the demand for the product
  • Initiate partnership actions with regional packaging producers, cooperatives

and professional association

  • Study the local standards and the needs in terms of packaging
  • Search for representation agents and distributors
  • Meet the study offices, the banks, the public organizations and institutions.

For the packaging producers:

  • Ensure technological development and get informed about the novelties in equipment and machines
  • Observe the tends and the production of packaging at the West Africa level
  • Develop exports and look for new distribution channels
  • Evaluate the regional demand for packaging

For Packaging users:

  • Know more about the novelties in packaging
  • Observe the trends and the export standards in terms of packaging
  • Diversify the sources of supply of packaging
  • Initiate new partnerships with producers and suppliers of machine,

equipment and packaging.





Profile of participants


  • Producers and suppliers of packaging and of machines and equipment for the packaging industry
  • Designers
  • Producers and suppliers
  • of raw materials
  • Packaging users
  • Packaging distributors





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