1. Traceability


Restitution of the Study on the spread of the Bar code in the UEMOA region


Traceability regulations on export market


Producer Consumerquability



2. Packaging for exports

Packaging regulation in West Africa


Presentation of West Africa specificities in terms of Packaging


Export standards in Packaging design and marketing


Access to innovative and affordable solutions for SMEs




3. SME: Add value to final products through packaging


SME: What type of packaging for my product?


Sources of supply


Quality standards for packaging: a necessity or a trend


Plastic ban in Africa: implementation and alternative solutions


Exhibition Spaces


The exhibition centre covers a space of 7 hectares and includes 3 air-conditioned pavilions of a total surface of 7000m2 and 2 well-ventilated pavilions of a total surface of 5000m2 and a catering area.






Booths are supplied by the PACCIR/UEMOA project funded by the European Union and implemented by the International Trade Centre





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